Clothing Project

Warm winter clothing is distributed to children in Cuchiverachi.  We have donated over 299 blankets and more are always needed.  We are sensitive to the Tarahumara culture and try to help them preserve their native dress.  We provide large quantities of colorful fabric for their striking clothing.  Bolts of calico and solid color fabric are needed.

Water Project

In 2009, a study was made to determine the feasibility of constructing water systems to bring water from local springs to the dormitory and neighboring homes in Kuchiverachi.​   During this February's mission trip, our goal is to equip every household with a water filtration system.

Cumbres Scholarship Program

Like many other small Tarahumara Indian communities, education is provided by the Mexican Federal government through grade 6. Opportunities for further education are limited due to extreme poverty. Children must leave the community and attend school in distant towns and cities where they are responsible for their own housing and living expenses. The parents are unable to afford this expense and also expect the children to help meet the needs of the family by working on the farm. The Cumbres Scholarship Program promotes the secondary education of young people in Cuchiverachi by providing the means for deserving students to continue their education with the goal of preparing them for better employment opportunities, improving communication skills, and eventually assuming positions of leadership in their community.

Women's Health Education Classes

SALUD PARTNERS is committed to providing basic health education to the women in Cuchiverachi. We use the World Health Organization's suburb resource entitled: Heath Education Program for Developing Countries.  We are currently seeking a female nurse to fill this position.


Medical and dental care was the original focus of SALUD PARTNERS.  Although the  dormitory project has taken much time and effort, the primary goal of SALUD  PARTNERS still is to provide medical and dental care. The organization has  deliberately chosen to work with the Servicios de Salud which is the primary governmental heath care organization in the area.  The Servicios de Salud  provides medical and dental teams to Tarahumara villages including Cuchiverachi.  SALUD PARTNERS’ medical and dental teams rely on their personnel to organize, help staff, and provide follow up care.

Children's Program

The children's VBS program is fun and lively.  The children are taught about salvation through Jesus Christ.  This February we will have many more fun lessons about Christ's love for all people, including snack treats and arts & crafts. We again hope to distribute Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes and teach The Greatest Gift curriculum.  Please pray for God to turn the children's hearts away from animism and towards the saving grace of Christ!


 To the left is a pictorial history of the project. Our goal is to do more interior finish work this next trip.

Cumbres Scholarship recipients

Sulema and Lucia

Here at SALUD PARTNERS, we are dedicated to many ongoing projects in Cuchiverachi.