)  Light fall and spring outerwear for children.                      

)   Sports equipment-basketballs, soccer balls, heavy duty soccer goals, heavy duty volley ball goals, basketball goals.

)   Bright cotton fabric for the women to make their native dresses.

)   Water filters - Sawyer Point Zero One Kit.

)  Pray for Tarahumara helpers and translators-they are vital for the success of the mission.

)  Pray for Sulema in her new home and school.

)   4 wheel drive trucks to transport workers and material to Cuchiverachi.

)  Thank God for opening new opportunities. 


Richard P. Stam, MD 
Albuquerque, NM 
Susan A. Krzymowski, PAC 
Gallup, NM 
Stephen W Heath, MD 
Albuquerque, NM 
William W Krzymowski, MD 
Gallup, NM 
Cynthia Biehl 
Wrightwood, CA


        FALL 2015                 A NEWSLETTER FOR THE MANY FRIENDS WHO 

                                                   MAKE SALUD PARTNERS POSSIBLE

THE HANDBILL is published by SALUD PARTNERS INC, a nonprofit 501(c) organization.

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Sulema is a 12 year old girl from Cuchiverachi who is determined to continue her education. Cari, the cook on the mission trips to Cuchiverachi and her husband Candelario who helps on construction of the dorm, invited her to live with them in Guachochi so that she could attend the Christian school there. Sulema’s mom was pleased that her daughter could continue to go to school. SALUD PARTNERS has agreed to provide $1000 a year for her tuition and living expense. Sulema is loved by her teachers and classmates as well as her new family. She is bright, fun loving and appreciative of the opportunity she has to attend a Christian School and further her education.  Sulema's  younger sister, Lucia has also started attending the Christian school in Guachochi  under the Cumbres Scholarship Program.  We are looking forward to seeing both girls during our upcoming February trip. 


Cuchiverachi is a small community in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Chihuahua, Mexico. Like many other small Tarahumara Indian communities, education is provided by the Mexican Federal government through grade 6. Opportunities for further education are limited due to extreme poverty. Children must leave the community and attend school in distant towns and cities where they are responsible for their own housing and living expenses. The parents are unable to afford this expense and also expect the children to help meet the needs of the family by working on the farm. The Cumbres Scholarship Program promotes the secondary education of young people in Cuchiverachi by providing the means for deserving students to continue their education with the goal of preparing them for better employment opportunities, improving communication skills, and eventually assuming positions of leadership in their community.