Clothing ProjectWarm winter clothing is distributed to children in Chuchiverachi.  We have donated over 200 blankets and more are always needed.  We are sensitive to the Tarahumara culture and try to help them preserve their native dress.  We provide large quantities of colorful fabric for their striking clothing.

August Mission TripSALUD PARTNERS will make a mission trip to Chuchiverachi August 8-16, 2014.  Planned activities include a medical clinic, children's program, distribution of clothing, and treadle sewing machine lessons. 

Water ProjectDuring the August trip, one mile of pipeline will be laid to transport water from the local springs to the dormitory and neighboring homes in Chuchiverachi.  

‚ÄčIn 2000, a coalition of healthcare providers from Gallup, New Mexico, began SALUD PARTNERS.  Its goal was to provide medical and logistical help to the native people in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico. Today, SALUD PARTNERS is dedicated to improving the life ofunder-served people in the Tarahumara settlement of Cuchiverachi. Our focus includes medical and dental clinics, improving local nutrition, providing clean water, and enhancing the quality of life with things such as warm clothing and blankets.

Nutrition ProjectSALUD PARTNERS  has distributed more than 300 trees to the villagers in Cuchiverachi. Village leaders have learned about how to enrich the local diet with protein from rabbits and chickens.